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Table 2 Intraoperative ventilation settings for the PROVIO trial

From: PROtective Ventilation with a low versus high Inspiratory Oxygen fraction (PROVIO) and its effects on postoperative pulmonary complications: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

 Low-FiO2 groupHigh-FiO2 group
VT8 ml/kg8 ml/kg
PEEP6–8 cmH2O6–8 cmH2O
RRAdjusted according to ETCO2 (35–45 mmHg)Adjusted according to ETCO2 (35–45 mmHg)
Pmax30 cmH2O30 cmH2O
  1. ETCO2 end-tidal carbon dioxide, FiO2 inspiratory oxygen fraction, I:R Inspiratory to Expiratory ratio, PEEP positive end-expiratory pressure, Pmax maximum peak airway pressure, RR respiratory rate, VT tidal volume