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Table 2 The codes, categories and themes within facilitating trial recruitment

From: Facilitating trial recruitment: A qualitative study of patient and staff experiences of an orthopaedic trauma trial

Theme Category Code
Navigating research with patients after orthopaedic trauma Making sense of the study Recall
   Confusion and therapeutic misconception
  Enabling participation Assessing capacity
   Involving family
Knowing it’s the right decision Interpreting the eligibility criteria Believing few patients are eligible
  Excluding eligible patients
  Surgeon preference Appropriateness of interventions
  Surgical skill and experience
  Collective preferences
  Community equipoise Accepting community equipoise
  Difficulty with individual equipoise
Making it work Juggling activities Minimising the impact of research on clinical staff
  Helping patients
  Balancing their own beliefs with their recruiting role Patient care
  Appropriateness of participation
  Research culture Participation in other studies
  Research team