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Table 1 List of topics for weekly educational sessions in the experimental intervention

From: Microenterprise intervention to reduce sexual risk behaviors and increase employment and HIV preventive practices in economically-vulnerable African-American young adults (EMERGE): protocol for a feasibility randomized clinical trial

Session no. Session topic
1 Introduction to the EMERGE Project
2 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
3 Developing a Microbusiness Idea
4 Developing a Microbusiness Plan and Budget
5 Poverty and HIV in Baltimore City (HIV 1)
6 Safer Sex Communication and Practices (HIV 2)
7 Working with a Business Mentor
8 Microbusiness Registration and Launch
9 Managing Personal and Business Finances
10 Behavioral Economics and Sexual Risk-Taking (HIV 3)
11 Using Your Money to Prevent HIV (HIV 4)
12 Expanding Your Microbusiness
13 Marketing and Managing Microbusiness Risks
14 Acquiring New Skills for Your Microbusiness
15 Accessing HIV Prevention Technologies (HIV 5)
16 Avoiding Costs of Unsafe Sex (HIV 6)
17 Real Baltimore Business Owners: Questions Answered
18 Group Presentations and Feedback
19 Preparing for Small Business Taxes
20 Closing and Summary