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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for VIBRA trial

From: VIBRA trial – Effect of village-based refill of ART following home-based same-day ART initiation vs clinic-based ART refill on viral suppression among individuals living with HIV: protocol of a cluster-randomized clinical trial in rural Lesotho

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Individual is a member of a visited household, i.e. the individual is (a) acknowledged by the household head or their representative as part of the household and (b) sleeps in the household regularly (at least once a month) HIV-positive individual is on ART or stopped less than 30 days ago
Individual is confirmed HIV-positive, as determined by two reactive blood-based HIV antibody tests according to national guidelines HIV-positive individual is physically, mentally, or emotionally not able to participate in the study, in the opinion of the study nurse
Individual has never taken ART (ART naïve) or has stopped ART more than 30 days prior (ART defaulter according to national guidelines) HIV-positive individual is in care for hypertension or diabetes; documentation or proof of medication is needed
Individual is ≥10 years old and body weight ≥ 35 kg HIV-positive individual wishes to get care outside the two study districts
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy, HIV human immunodeficiency virus