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Table 1 Characteristics of host trials

From: Development and evaluation of decision aids for people considering taking part in a clinical trial: a conceptual framework

Trial characteristics eTHoS SUSPEND
Clinical condition Haemorrhoids Ureteric stones
Trial design Simple parallel design Simple parallel design
Sample size, number 800 1200
Recruitment rate, percentage 74 56
Arms 2 3
Intervention Surgery Drug
  1. Traditional excisional haemorrhoidectomy 1. Calcium channel blocker
  2. Stapled haemorrhoidopexy 2. Alpha blocker
   3. Placebo
Blinding Participants and outcome assessors (for patient-reported outcomes) Participants, caregivers and outcome assessors
Number of sites 31 24
Primary outcome (clinical or patient-reported and timing) Patient-reported at 2 years post-randomisation Clinical at 4 weeks and patient-reported at 12 weeks post-randomisation
Host trial participant characteristics
Age in years, median (interquartile range) 49 (20–40) 44 (34–52)
Sex (percentage who are females) 48 19