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Table 1 Characteristics of screened and included studies by decisional context

From: Research involving adults lacking capacity to consent: a content analysis of participant information sheets for consultees and legal representatives in England and Wales

Decisional context Search term/conditiona No. studies identified No. potentially eligibleb studies No. studies included No. CTIMPsc included Study IDs
Long-term circumstances Down’s syndrome 181 9 4 1 01–04
Intellectual disability
Learning disability
Progressive process Alzheimer’s disease 505 33 12 1 05–16
Huntingdon’s disease
Care home(s)
Sudden/acute event Critical care 508 28 14 7 17–30
Acute stroke
Traumatic brain injury
Total 1194 70 30 9  
  1. aSearch terms are filters or categories used by the UKCTG to enable users to search for clinical trials by condition or disease area
  2. bEligible if study documents are available (all other eligibility criteria having been met)
  3. cNumber of clinical trials of investigational medicinal products (CTIMPs) included