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Table 3 Data collection instruments and time of data collection

From: Evaluation of the effect of an antenatal pelvic floor muscle exercise programme on female sexual function during pregnancy and the first 3 months following birth: study protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

  Collection time
Booking 36 weeks’ gestation Birth 3 months after birth
Data and tools CG IG CG IG CG IG CG IG
Primary outcomes
Secondary outcomes
 Urinary incontinence (UDI-6)
 Faecal incontinence (FI questionnaire)
 Specific quality of life (IIQ-7)
 Childbirth outcomes (Obstetrix Database)
Confounding variables
 Depression (EPDS)
 Relationship (RAS)
Expectancy questionnaire
Baseline data (Obstetrix Database)
Antenatal history (Obstetrix Database and survey)
Postpartum history (Obstetrix Database and survey)
  1. CG control group, IG intervention group, SF sexual function, FSFI Female Sexual Function Index, UDI-6 Urinary Distress Inventory, FI Waxner short form of faecal incontinence, IIQ-7 Incontinence Impact Questionnaire, EPDS Edinburgh Depression Scale, RAS Relationship Assessment Scale