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Table 2 Relevant International Classification of Diseases, version 10 (ICD-10) codes

From: Converting habits of antibiotic use for respiratory tract infections in German primary care – study protocol of the cluster-randomized controlled CHANGE-3 trial

Diagnoses ICD-10 Indication ICD group
Definition of classified ICD-10 codes J20; J21.0; J21.1; J21.8; J21.9; J22; J40 Acute bronchitis Lower respiratory infection
J00; J02.0; J02.8; J02.9; J04; J06; J10.1; J11.1 Acute infection of the upper respiratory tract Upper respiratory infection
J01 Acute sinusitis Upper respiratory infection
J03.0; J03.8; J03.9 Tonsillitis Upper respiratory infection
H65.0; H65.1; H65.9; H66.0; H66.4; H66.9 Otitis media Upper respiratory infection