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Table 1 Test battery

From: VIA Family—a family-based early intervention versus treatment as usual for familial high-risk children: a study protocol for a randomized clinical trial

Instrument Name Domain Child Parent Teacher
CGAS [55] Daily functioning x x  
HOME [62]* Home environment, level of stimulation, and support x x  
K-SADS-PL, including psychosis-like symptoms [56] Diagnostic screening and psychopathology x x  
FMSS [72] Parent–child relationship   x  
RIST [73] General intelligence x   
Coding from WISC-IV [74] Processing speed x   
RCFT [75] Visual memory x   
TOMAL-II: Memory for Stories [76] Verbal memory x   
This is me [77] Self esteem x   
Kids-Screen [78] Quality of life x   
CTS [79] Childhood trauma x   
CYRM [80] Resilience x   
MACA-YC18 + PANOC-YC20 [81] Over-responsibility and caretaking x   
CALS [82] Affective lability   x  
CBCL [58] Psychopathology   x  
TRF [83] Psychopathology    x
BRIEF [84] Executive functioning   x x
ADHD-RS [85] Attention   x x
SDQ [86] Daily functioning and psychopathology   x x
SRS-2 [87] Social cognition   x x
ERC [88] Emotion regulation   x x
FAD [61] Family functioning   x  
PSS [89] Parental level of stress   x  
PAFAS [90] Parental and family functioning   x  
Parenting Scale [91] Parenting style   x  
SPS [92] Social network, adult   x  
ACES [93] Adverse life events, adult   x  
PSP [94] Daily functioning, adult   x  
Anamnesis Socioeconomic status, developmental milestones, adverse life events, school, and family relations   x  
SCAN interview, including LifeChart [50] Psychopathology in adults and course of illness in relation to child’s age   x  
Absence from school, child    x x
CSQ [95] Client satisfaction x x  
TOF [96] Psychopathology: clinical rating after 60 min. of neuropsychological testing x   
  1. ACES Adverse Childhood Experiences, ADHD-RS Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scale, BRIEF Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, CALS Children’s Affective Lability Scale, CBCL Child Behavior Checklist, CGAS Children’s Global Assessment Scale, CSQ Client Satisfaction Questionnaire, CTS Childhood Trauma Screener, CYRM Child and Youth Resilience Measurement, ERC Emotion Regulation Checklist, FAD Family Assessment Device, FMSS Five-Minute Speech Sample, HOME Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment, K-SADS-PL Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (Present and Lifetime), MACA-YC18 Multidimensional Assessment of Caring Activities Checklist for Young Carers 18 items, PAFAS Parenting and Family Adjustment Scale, PANOC-YC20 Positive and Negative Outcomes of Caring Questionnaire for Young Carers 20 items, PSP Personal and Social performance Scale, PSS Parental Stress Scale, RCFT Rey Complex Figure Test, RIST Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test, SCAN Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry, SDQ Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, SPS Social Provision Scale, SRS Social Responsiveness Scale, TOF Test Observation Form, TOMAL-II Test of Memory and Learning, 2nd Edition, TRF Teachers Report Form, WISC-IV Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 4th Edition
  2. *) For children living 50/50 with mother and father, the HOME interview will be made in both homes