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Table 1 Overview of study assessments

From: CARer-ADministration of as-needed subcutaneous medication for breakthrough symptoms in homebased dying patients (CARiAD): study protocol for a UK-based open randomised pilot trial

Assessments Screening Baseline Last days of patient’s life After patient’s death
Eligibility X X X  
Informed consent   X X  
Demographic information   X   
Medical history   X   
Concomitant medications   X   
Symptom control Symptom scores    X  
Overall symptom burden     X
Time to symptom relief    X X
Safety Risk assessment X    
Competency Checklist   X X  
Significant Event reporting    X  
Evaluation of training package     X
Impact on carer Self-efficacy   X X X
Confidence    X  
Acceptability     X
Health Economic outcomes Impact on carers   X   X
Discrete Choice Experiment attribute selection     X