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Table 1 LED parameters to be used in this study

From: Photodynamic therapy with Bixa orellana extract and LED for the reduction of halitosis: study protocol for a randomized, microbiological and clinical trial

Wavelength (nm) 395–480
Operating mode Continuous wave
Average radiant power (mW) 480
Polarization Random
Aperture diameter (cm) 0.9
Irradiance at aperture (mW/cm2) 762
Beam profile Top hat
Beam spot size at target (cm2) 3.14
Irradiance at target (mW/cm2) 153
Exposure duration (s) 20
Radiant exposure (J/cm2) 6.37
Radiant energy (J) 9.6
Number of points irradiated 6
Area irradiated (cm2) 18.8
Application technique Contact
Number and frequency of treatment sessions 1
Total radiant energy (J) 57.6