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Table 1 Changes to the content and structure of the patient information brochure

From: The effect of optimised patient information materials on recruitment in a lung cancer screening trial: an embedded randomised recruitment trial

Changes to content Changes to the form and structure
Added NHS Scotland logo to front page Reduced length from 32 to 30 pages
Shortened ‘foreword’ by 50%, and changed heading to ‘Introduction’ Moved ‘contents’ page from page 4 to page 2, and added trial team contact details at bottom
Changed all but one of the six photographic images to reflect more demographic diversity Trial team contact details moved from back page to page 27
Added a trial flow chart of the participant pathway in the centre of the booklet Made contents list clearer and more spread out
Added summary circles of text throughout the booklet Use of short sentences, plain English, bullet points throughout
New back page, with the same image as front page (map of Scotland) with NHS logo