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Fig. 4

From: Reduced fetal movement intervention Trial-2 (ReMIT-2): protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial of standard care informed by the result of a placental growth factor (PlGF) blood test versus standard care alone in women presenting with reduced fetal movement at or after 36+ 0 weeks gestation

Fig. 4

Sampling matrix for Midwife-Led Interview. 1Adverse outcome for either the participant (length of hospital stay after delivery ≥3 days) or the baby (perinatal death or admission to the neonatal unit >48 hours) results in the participant being allocated to the adverse outcome group. 2Based on the answer recorded on the Participants Views Questionnaire to the question “If you had to do it all over again, would you agree to participate in the ReMIT-2 trial?” A response of “Yes, definitely” or “Yes, possibly” will count as ‘Would repeat decision to participate’. A response of “Probably not” or “Definitely not” will count as ‘Would not repeat decision to participate’

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