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Table 2 Study aim, method, type of data, and outcome

From: The Heidelberg Milestones Communication Approach (MCA) for patients with prognosis <12 months: protocol for a mixed-methods study including a randomized controlled trial

  Study aims Methods Participants Outcomes Type of data
Phase 2 implementation Evaluation of communication training Questionnaire Physicians and nurses Training success Quantitative
Evaluation of implementation context and outcomes Interview and focus group interviews Physicians and nurses Fidelity and adherence enablers and factors associated with implementation Qualitative
Quantitative content analysis of patient electronic files   Adherence Quantitative
Phase 3 outcome evaluation Impact of MCA on patient outcomes Pragmatic RCT using questionnaire Patients and caregivers Supportive care needs
Patient quality of life
Patient distress
Semi-structured interviews Patients and caregivers Patient reported outcomes Qualitative
Evaluation of effects on interprofessional collaboration Questionnaire Healthcare professionals Attitudes towards interprofessional collaboration Quantitative
  1. MCA Milestones Communication Approach, RCT randomized controlled trial