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Table 1 Content of the course for training intercultural brokers in Guerrero State (May to June 2015)

From: Safe Birth and Cultural Safety in southern Mexico: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Content Thematic line
Introductory module  
 Western medicine, biomedical model and traditional health Health
 Memory, will, and concepts about medicinal plants
 Traditional concept of heat and cold
Nature and environment Nature
Culture and intercultural dialogue Culture
Traditional knowledge
Module of applied concepts  
 Cultural context and identity in Mexico Culture
 National and international legislation on behalf of indigenous peoples
 Internet, accounting basics and management
 Cultural diversity
 Oral tradition
 Traditional values and principles
 Indigenous education
 Basics of ecology Nature
 Soils and organic fertiliser
 Participatory mapping
 Tools for nature observation
 Biological diversity and its relation with cultural diversity
 Territories conserved by indigenous communities
 Food sovereignty and local food
 The health system of Mexico and official health programmes Health
 The human body
 Vital signs
 First aid and injections
 Management of emergencies
 Wound care
 Most prevalent health problems in Guerrero (dengue, chikungunya, skin disorders, scorpion sting, diabetes, violence and oral health)
 Healthcare of a healthy child
 Healthcare of a sick child (undernourishment, acute diarrhoea, acute respiratory infection, intestinal parasitic infections)
Final cross-cutting module  
 Women’s health  
 Self-care promotion  
 Support of traditional midwifery  
Practices and fieldwork  
 Practice: building a planting bed  
 Fieldwork: nature observation and planting bed  
 Fieldwork: botanical garden  
 Fieldwork: archaeological sites