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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for study enrolment

From: The AWED trial (Applying Wolbachia to Eliminate Dengue) to assess the efficacy of Wolbachia-infected mosquito deployments to reduce dengue incidence in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Inclusion Criteria
(Participants must meet all of the following)
Exclusion Criteria
(Participants will not be eligible for enrolment if any of the following are identified)
Fever, either self-reported or measured at enrolment Prior enrolment in the study within the previous 4 weeks
Date of onset of fever between 1 and 4 days prior to the day of presentation Localising features suggestive of a specific diagnosis other than an arboviral infection, e.g. severe diarrhoea, otitis, pneumonia
Aged between 3 and 45 years old  
Resided in the study area every night for the 10 days preceding illness onset