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Table 1 Core CBT skills of MUMentum programs

From: Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) for perinatal anxiety and depression versus treatment as usual: study protocol for two randomised controlled trials

Lesson Skills Extra resources
1 • Psychoeducation: o About anxiety and depression o Identifying symptoms o Cognitive behavioural model o Prioritising self-care o Physical symptoms o Partners and supporters • Controlled breathing • Progressive muscle relaxation • Medication for anxiety and depression during pregnancy and breastfeeding • Sleep hygiene • Fight-or-flight response • Pleasant activities • FAQs • Further skill examples
2 • Psychoeducation: o About thoughts o Identifying unhelpful thoughts o Shifting unhelpful thoughts o Accepting uncertainty • Thought challenging • Coping cards • Structured problem-solving • Understanding intrusive thoughts and images • FAQs • Further skill examples
3 • Psychoeducation: o Unhelpful behaviours (low activity; avoidance) o Facing your fears • Activity planning and monitoring • Graded exposure • Assertive communication • Relapse prevention • Self-care plan • FAQs • Further skill examples