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Table 1 PRECIS-2 scores for the mHealth Lakefolk Actively Keeping Engaged (mLAKE) trial

From: Impact of a community health worker HIV treatment and prevention intervention in an HIV hotspot fishing community in Rakai, Uganda (mLAKE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Domains Scorea Rationale
Eligibility 5 All residents ≥ 15 years of age are eligible for study participation, identical to usual care
Recruitment 4 Recruitment effort (community sensitization, drama shows, and Health Scouts approaching residents) is likely modestly above what would be expected in usual care
Setting 4 The setting is mostly similar in key characteristics (e.g., high-risk population) to other usual-care settings
Organization 3 The care delivery organization is likely much higher resourced than most usual-care organizations but efforts were made to replicate more usual-care resource capacity
Flexibility (delivery) 5 Flexibility is anticipated to be the same in how the intervention is delivered in the trial and flexibility anticipated in usual care
Flexibility (adherence) 5 No special trial measures to promote participant participation with Health Scout intervention
Follow-up 3 Participants being surveyed every at regular intervals in this trial which may be different from other settings
Primary outcome 5 Outcome is very directly relevant to participants
Primary analyses 5 All data will be included in the analysis of the primary outcomes
  1. aPRECIS 5-point Likert Scale, 1 = very explanatory, 2 = rather explanatory, 3 = equally pragmatic/explanatory, 4 = rather pragmatic, 5 = very pragmatic