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Table 2 Qualitative evaluation

From: Evaluating effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a group psychological intervention using cognitive behavioural strategies for women with common mental disorders in conflict-affected rural Pakistan: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Category of respondent Topics to be explored
Intervention facilitators Overall impressions of PM+ Group
Experiences of PM+ Group training and supervision
Rapport with participants and families of participants
Views on the group delivery format
Experiences of participants’ intervention adherence and strategies to keep participants motivated
View on intervention scalability
LHWs Overall impressions of PM+ Group
Strategies to keep participants motivated to attend the groups and experiences of participants intervention adherence
View on intervention scalability with LHW as entry point into primary healthcare
Intervention participants – completers Overall impressions of PM+ Group
Rapport with group facilitators
Intervention adherence
Burden of research interviews
Intervention participants – drop outs Reasons for stopping attending PM+ Group
If appropriate:
Rapport with group facilitator
Intervention acceptability
Burden of research
Control arm participants Experiences of research, including participants and family views of the research assistants and research procedures
Views of the questions researchers asked
Senior staff with policy implementation roles/connected to the research Overall understanding and impressions of PM+ Group
Existing scope of work of primary health care system in Pakistan, with a focus on LHW role
Views on possible routes for integration and scale-up of PM+ Group into Pakistan primary health care systems
Research assistants Views of assessment training and supervision
Experiences of conducting research assessments, including the appropriateness of individual instruments, problems relating to masking, and experiences of participant distress
Family members of participants Overall understanding and impressions of PM+ Group
Where appropriate:
Views of the impact of PM+ Group upon the participant in the family
Views of the research assistants and assessments
  1. LHW Lady Health Worker