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Table 4 List of obvious domains and domain items

From: TREatment of ATopic eczema (TREAT) Registry Taskforce: protocol for an international Delphi exercise to identify a core set of domains and domain items for national atopic eczema registries

Domains Domain items
Related to baseline ‘demographics and AE’
 Demographics Date of birth and date of enrolment into registry
Educational status
Current occupation or education
 AE diagnosis How diagnosis AE is established
Use of validated diagnostic criteria
Date of onset AE
 Past AE treatments Previous phototherapy
Previous systemic therapy
 Current AE treatments Phototherapy
Systemic immunosuppressive therapy
 Family history of AE or allergic diseases
Related to baseline ‘past medical relevant history’
 Allergic comorbidities Asthma
Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
Atopic eye disease
Eosinophilic oesophagitis
Food allergies
Contact allergies
 Other comorbidities Past malignancies
Past serious infections
Related to baseline ‘investigations and assessments’
 Baseline safety investigations Medical history (tuberculosis)
Full blood count
Liver function
Kidney profile
Related to follow-up visits
Follow up ‘adverse drug reactions’
 Serious adverse events
 Adverse events that cause stop or switch of therapy or change in dosage
 For (serious) adverse events: probability of relationship with treatment
Follow-up ‘management’
 Reason for switching therapy
 Reason for discontinuation of therapy
  1. AE atopic eczema