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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: The effect of chiropractic treatment on the reaction and response times of special operation forces military personnel: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Rationale
Minimum age of 20 years Minimum age of SOF personnel
Written informed consent Must be able to understand and agree to the requirements of the study
Active duty special operation forces’ (SOF) personnel stationed at the Fort Campbell, KY military site SOF personnel are the focus of this study. Fort Campbell is the study site
Exclusion criteria  
Pain intensity ≥4 (using the National Institutes of Health’s PROMIS – question #29) at the initial visit High pain levels have the potential to confound study results
Additional diagnostic procedure (other than X-ray) or referral required to determine a diagnosis, obtain a second opinion, or to manage a condition Additional clinical diagnostic procedures are beyond the scope of this study
Bone and joint pathology contraindications for chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT). Potential participants with conditions such as recent spinal fracture, concurrent spinal or paraspinal tumor(s), spinal or paraspinal infection(s), inflammatory arthropathies and significant osteoporosis Participant safety. Care outside study scope needed
Other contraindications for CMT or suspicion of such contraindication requiring a consultation with another provider (i.e., unstable spinal segments, suspected cauda equina syndrome) Participant safety. Care outside study scope needed
Currently being treated for traumatic brain injury Potential to confound study results
No known or pending deployment, orders for a distant duty assignment or training site, or other absence from the current military site during the study participation period (2–4 weeks) Compromises ability to adhere to study protocol
Received care from a doctor of chiropractic within the past 30 days Prevent possibility of carryover effects from recent chiropractic care