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Table 1 Timeline of instruments

From: The Post-Anaesthesia N-acetylcysteine Cognitive Evaluation (PANACEA) trial: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Instruments Recruitment Prior to surgery Day of surgery POD1 POD2 POD3 POD7–14 3–4 months 12–13 months
MMSEa X         
CBBb   X      X X X
RBANSb   X      X X X
COWATb   X      X X X
TMTb   X      X X X
CAMa      X   X   
HADSb   X      X X X
WHOQOL-BREFb   X       X X
NRS11a   X    X   X   
Modified Brief Pain Inventoryb         X  
Neuropathic Pain Questionnaireb          X
Research blood sample – biomarkersa    X   X     
  1. A table with assessment and data collection types listed as rows, and data collection points in columns. The corresponding collection point for each assessment is marked with an ‘X’”. This conforms with the SPIRIT guidelines (Additional file 1)
  2. CAM Confusion Assessment Method, CBB CogState Brief Battery, COWAT Controlled Oral Word Association Test, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, MMSE Mini Mental State Exam, NRS11 Numerical Rating Scale for Pain, POD postoperative day, RBANS Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status, TMT Trail Making Tests A and B, WHOQOL-BREF World Health Organisation Quality of Life scale
  3. aTo be performed by trained research staff
  4. bTo be performed by research staff trained in the neuropsychological assessment