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Table 2 Questions and prompts used by authors to discuss outcomes

From: The use of qualitative methods to inform Delphi surveys in core outcome set development

Discussions with patients Discussions with healthcare/researcher professionals
‘I would like you to think about how your mental health problems have changed your life and what you have lost because of them.’
‘This time rather than thinking about what you have lost, I would like you think about what your goals are in living with your symptoms.’
‘Since your diagnosis and treatment has life changed for you? In what ways has life changed?’
‘What’s a good day like for you? What’s a day like which is not so good’
‘What would you say your priorities are in life at the moment? What would you have said if I’d asked that question before your illness and treatment?’
mOMEnt Discussion with parents: ‘What do you think grommets (VTs) or hearing aids (HAs) should do for a child with glue ear?’
mOMEnt Discussions with children: ‘What was “good” and “not so good” about VTs or HAs?’
‘How does schizophrenia/bipolar disorder affect a person’s life? What do they lose?’
‘What outcomes are you/should we looking to achieve when delivering care or support to people with bipolar disorder/schizophrenia?’
‘What are you looking to improve in the person’s life?’
‘Are different outcomes important to patients at different stages in their illness? At different stages in their health? Controlled versus stable? Diagnosis versus later management?’