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Table 1 General programme for the eight affect school sessions

From: Affect school and script analysis versus basic body awareness therapy in the treatment of psychological symptoms in patients with diabetes and high HbA1c concentrations: two study protocols for two randomized controlled trials

Affect theory  
General affect theory is presented at all sessions. Specific affect theory for innate affects is presented according to the following program for the eight sessions.  
 1) Joy  
 2) Fear  
 3) Interest and surprise  
 4) Shame  
 5) Anger  
 6) Distaste and dissmell  
 7) Distress  
 8) Pain  
Script theory presented at each session  
 1) Affects and experiences together form the individual scripts.  
 2) How we act in different situations and how we interpret experiences depending on our scripts.  
 3) Scripts are formed by family rules and common cultural rules for how affects should be handled.  
 4) Intensity and expressions of emotion are controlled by scripts.  
 5) Affects can be completely suppressed and thereby unconscious.  
Break for coffee or tea  
Affect discussion  
Main topics for the affect discussions follow the programme for the eight sessions. Questions used in the affect discussions are:  
 1) Tell of a situation when you felt…  
 2) How do you know that you feel…?  
 3) Do you feel it in a particular place in the body?  
 4) Does it happen often?  
 5) How do you know that someone else is…?  
 6) Can you understand and accept another person’s…?  
 7) How does… influence your personal relationships?