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Table 2 Summary of categories and themes – reasons for declining

From: Exploring non-participation in primary care physical activity interventions: PACE-UP trial interview findings

Category Sub-category Theme Quotes
Personal Already active Personal activity ‘I tend to walk quite a lot anyway, so I didn’t think a pedometer would probably be likely to increase my walking at all really’. (IDN12)
Work activity ‘I actually work as a postman, so I do a hell of a lot of walking … and that was basically the reason that I didn't think I’d need to actually join the programme’. (IDN06)
Medical problems Stroke ‘I had the stroke in ’94. So that limited my walking’. (IDN07)
Pain ‘If I walk for more than half an hour at a time, I get incredibly stiff and painful’. (IDN16)
Heart condition ‘I’m always at the hospital seeing a cardiologist’. (IDN18)
Multiple medical problems ‘I don’t need anything else going on to do with health … I certainly would have thought … that they would have thought, “oh, she wouldn’t want to do this because she’s got lots of other problems”’. (IDN18)
No wish to increase activity Not interested/does not like physical activity ‘And I don’t really like running … and I certainly won’t join a gym. I hate exercising’. (IDN02)
Already doing enough ‘No, I think I do enough. I’m fine with what I do’. (IDN17)
Not interested in walking ‘More interesting than walking’ ‘Cycling’s nice, swimming … any form of recreation thing, like ice skating or horse riding or bicycle riding, anything like that … Walking’s quite boring’. (IDN02)
Team sport ‘Well, it would be hard for you to organise team sports I should think wouldn’t it? I mean I used to play badminton quite a lot which I enjoyed’. (IDN19)
Running ‘If anybody’s doing research into people that have had heart attacks and then trying to get back into running, that I’d be extremely interested in’. (IDN24)
Not the right person For younger people ‘You get to a stage in your life and you think, that’s it… I’m relaxing now. I exercise my mind instead’. (IDN02)
For lonely people ‘These sort of things people take them up if they’re lonely and I’m not lonely’. (IDN18)
For overweight people ‘Unless you were a really fat person, which I’m not’. (IDN18)
Altruism   ‘… an opportunity for someone else, you know, that it may be more useful to’. (IDN13)
External Work commitments   ‘It’s bad enough trying to get … a day off for a normal appointment.’ (IDN02)
‘I just didn’t think I’d have time … because I know how important walking is, and I love walking, and if I have an hour or two free, I would prefer to walk than talk to the nurse’. (IDN21)
Travel difficulties ‘If I had time, I’d love to be part of your research and go to the surgery and all the rest of it, but I think, actually … the awkwardness of the journey…’ (IDN22)
Other commitments Travel from home ‘I’m going away so much, I couldn’t really tie myself down to anything like that’. (IDN01)
Caring for family member ‘I’m a carer for my father. I think most of it is just being there’. (IDN04)
Chores/‘life’ ‘I’ve got grandchildren. I’ve got a husband. I like to do my gardening. I’ve got a four bedroom house to keep clean. I feel my load is more than enough to keep me going’. (IDN08)
Advice from others   ‘I did mention it to my daughter actually and she said “that sounds crazy!” She said it’s not for me, so I didn’t go any further’. (IDN07)
Trial-related Length of programme   ‘It does sound a bit on the lengthy side doesn’t it really… some people could be put off by that’. (IDN10)
Trial material Too long ‘… there was a lot to read. Bullet points are good. Just make it simple’. (IDN19)
Aimed at older people ‘I just remember thinking, actually, I don’t think I’m in that age group yet. It kind of seemed to be geared to people who really were in their 70s and over’. (IDN09)
Equipment problems Pedometer/accelerometer ‘Well, I mean I have actually used a pedometer but I wouldn’t sort of particularly want to do it for a week’. (IDN09)
Randomisation Did not like concept ‘I think if you’re doing research then you should be able to choose …within reason …what club you’re willing to join really’. (IDN13)
Did not want to be in nurse support group ‘… I could probably commit to the other two groups, but possibly not to the nurse support’. (IDN09)
Did not want to be in control group ‘Well … I couldn’t see the point of being in a group that did nothing’. (IDN04)
Venue Fitness-related better ‘If you’re going to do a fitness programme, you should do it in a fitness venue’. (IDN04)
Does not like the GP surgery ‘I have to go there when I’m not well. I certainly am not going to go to the surgery when I’m well’. (IDN18)
Walking environment Boring ‘Walking’s quite boring. Unless you’re walking somewhere on an outing somewhere, you know, in the country or something, seaside. You should have more trips’. (IDN02)
Wrong season ‘As the weather gets better, then I might go for a walk in the evening … it was really due to the seasons as well’. (IDN28)
Preferred group   ‘I think you get more encouragement if you are in a group’. (IDN05)
  Trial design   ‘… that isn’t something I wanted to be part of I think I’d have found it incredibly boring’. (IDN18)