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Table 2 Cognition types included in the Think Slim app and the categories they belong to

From: An Ecological Momentary Intervention for weight loss and healthy eating via smartphone and Internet: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Category Cognition type Example
Neutral Description of an eating event ‘Time for breakfast!’
  Hunger ‘I am very hungry, time to eat.’
  Desire and taste ‘I really want this chocolate bar.’
  Energy needed ‘I won’t have time to eat later.’
Functional Healthy intention ‘Apples are good for me.’
  Successful control ‘Everyone’s eating cake, but I’m going for a pear.’
Dysfunctional Negative emotions ‘I feel awful, maybe this helps.’
  Positive emotions ‘I’m trying to relax with snacks.’
  Social activities and pressure ‘Everyone’s eating cake. I will join them.’
  Reward ‘I deserve this after all the hard work!’
  Control failure ‘I just can’t resist.’
  Other dysfunctional cognitions ‘Coffee should go together with a cookie.’
  1. Note: these cognition types are based on previous research (Boh B, Jansen A, Clijsters I, Nederkoorn C, Lemmens L, Spanakis G, & Roefs A. Indulgent thinking. Ecological Momentary Assessment of Overweight and Healthy-weight Participants’ Cognitions and Emotions, submitted)