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Table 1 PrEvENT inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Prostate cancer - evidence of exercise and nutrition trial (PrEvENT): study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial

Inclusion criteria
 • Clinically localised prostate cancer
 • Listed for radical prostatectomy
 • Capacity to provide informed consent
 • Aged 18 or over
 • Sufficient understanding of the English language
Exclusion criteria
 • Unable to provide informed consent
 • Unsuitable to participate following guidance from their clinician
 • Unable to undergo follow-up
 • Factors that constrain participation in any aspect of the intervention, including:
  o Co-morbidities, for example:
   ▪ Congestive heart failure or angina, recent myocardial infarction or breathing difficulties requiring oxygen use or hospitalisation
  o Unable to walk without the aid of a mobility aid (other than a walking stick)
  o Religious beliefs
  o Allergy to lycopene
 • Current heavy consumers of the nutritional element of the intervention, that is, taking daily lycopene supplements for more than 3 months
 • Current participation in high levels of regular physical activity, for example doing strenuous activity five or more times a week for long enough to work up a sweat
 • Any additional reason for not being able to participate in any aspect of the intervention