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Table 1 Task sharing intervention for the Task Sharing for the Care of Severe Mental Disorders in a Low-income Country (TaSCS) trial

From: Task sharing for the care of severe mental disorders in a low-income country (TaSCS): study protocol for a randomised, controlled, non-inferiority trial

Recipients Intervention
Training Ongoing support and structures
Health centre nurses and health officers 9 days of training in mhGAP-IG packages (4 days of base course + 5 days of on-the-job training) Phase I: Support and supervision by project psychiatric nurse tapering down from weekly to bi-weekly
Delivered by project psychiatric nurse supported by project psychiatrist Phase 2 onwards: Monthly support and supervision by project psychiatric nurse
Pre-study run-in phase: on-the-job training with patients with SMD who volunteer for treatment in PHC, delivered by project psychiatric nurse Supervision sessions will include discussion of all cases presenting with suicidal ideation or a psychiatric emergency, discussion of complex cases, developing supportive relationships with the general health care provider and trouble-shooting.
1-day refresher training at 6 and 12 months Emergency consultation with project psychiatric nurse
Referral for specialist review at Butajira psychiatric unit
Register of appointment times for persons with Severe Mental Disorder needing ongoing care
Health extension workers 2-day training course based on Ministry of Health training materials*. Monthly supervision by health centre-based supervisor
Delivered by project psychiatrist Consultation with health centre supervisors
District health office and community stakeholders Stakeholder workshop facilitated by project psychiatrists Regular meetings of the trial advisory board and one-to-one liaison of project psychiatric nurse with district health office heads
  1. *