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Table 1 Summary of interview topics

From: Why do patients decline surgical trials? Findings from a qualitative interview study embedded in the Cancer Research UK BOLERO trial (Bladder cancer: Open versus Lapararoscopic or RObotic cystectomy)

Topics for patient interviews Topics for nurse interviews
Trial information and recruitment processes  • Experience of being told about the trial  • Understandings of trial purpose and principles, e.g. randomisation  • Views on participant information sheet  • Other sources of information accessed about types of surgery/trial  • Prior knowledge of and preferences for surgical methods Decision-making  • Reasons for declining randomisation  • Choice of surgery and reasons given  • Influence of clinical team and others on decision-making  • Reflection on choices made and decision-making process Experience of and attitudes towards medical research  • Views on randomisaton as process of allocating treatment  • Participation in previous and (potential) future research studies Recruitment practices  • Professional background and time on trial  • Own and others’ duties and responsibilities with regard to the trial  • Description and reflection on information giving process for trial/other options available to patients Patient responses  • Recall of patient responses to trial information  • Views on patients’ reasons for declining randomisation  • Views on patients’ reasons for accepting randomisation  • Reflection on differences between patients who accept/decline trial General reflections  • Compare and contrast with recruitment experiences of other trials  • Key challenges of this trial and suggestions for future trial design and conduct