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Table 1 Secondary outcomes

From: Statistical analysis plan for the Laser-1st versus Drops-1st for Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension Trial (LiGHT): a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Outcome Description
Glaucoma Utility Index (GUI) A glaucoma-specific treatment-related quality of life specifically designed to capture the impact of glaucoma treatment and disease severity on HRQL. This is the main secondary outcome.
Glaucoma Symptom Scale (GSS) A patient-reported disease and treatment related symptoms questionnaire.
Glaucoma Quality of Life-15 (GQL-15) A patient-reported visual functioning questionnaire.
Client Services Receipt Inventory (CSRI) A validated method of collecting healthcare cost data. This data will be analysed by the health economists.
Objective measure of pathway effectiveness Efficacy and intensity of the treatment pathways will be assessed at 3 years.
Concordance/Compliance A pair of questions will be asked about drop usage and compliance: 1) ‘Over the past month, what percentage of your drops do you think you took correctly?’ 2) On a Likert scale, participants will be asked to respond to the following statement): ‘I’m the sort of person who follows doctors’ orders exactly’.
Adverse events Adverse events possibly associated with treatment will be recorded. Participants will be asked about possible treatment-related side effects using a simple standardised series of closed and open questions at each visit.