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Table 2 Visit and assessment schedule

From: Effect of ATorvastatin On Chronic subdural Hematoma (ATOCH): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Activities Screening Day 1 Days 2–6 Day 7 Week 2 ± 1D Week 3 ± 1D Week 4 ± 1D Week 8 ± 3D (treatment end) Week 12 ± 3D4 Week 24 ± 7D4
Informed consent          
History collection  
Concomitant medication1  
Physical examination   
Surgery conversion  
Efficiency observation  
Neurological symptoms2
Hematoma volume by CT2      
Safety assessment  
Vital signs
Blood routine/Coagulation      
Liver and renal function/Electrolyte/Lipids      
Pregnancy test          
Adverse events  
Drug dispensing      
Drug recovery3      
  1. ADL-BI Activities of Daily Life – the Barthel Index scale, CT computerized tomography, D day, GOS Glasgow Outcome Score, MGS-GCS Markwalder’s Grading Scale and Glasgow Coma Scale
  2. 1Records of combination therapy are required until the end of the trial
  3. 2Surgical therapy is considered in the case of deterioration in neurological symptoms and/or signs, MGS-GCS grading and increase of hematoma immediately imaging review then
  4. 3The remaining drugs need to be recovered
  5. 4At weeks 12 and 24, CT should be performed; other laboratory examinations will be selected when needed