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Table 1 Summary of assessments

From: Self-Harm Intervention: Family Therapy (SHIFT), a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of family therapy versus treatment as usual for young people seen after a second or subsequent episode of self-harm 

Assessment (including who is involved) Timeline (months post-randomisation)
  Baseline 3 6 12 18
Eligibility and consent  
- Eligibility (assessed by clinician) X     
- Consent (YP, P, Ra) X     
Background and demographics (YP, P, R - interview and case notes)  
- Personal details X     
- Outline ‘index’ event details X     
- Current co-morbid physical/mental health X     
- Current psychotropic medications X     
- History of abuse X     
Follow-up data (collected from case notes)  
- Therapy details (provided by therapist)    X X  
- Therapist supervision details (provided by therapist/supervisor)    X X  
- Details of further self-harm episodes since consent (R)    X X
- Psychotropic medication details (R)     X X
- Referrals to other MH services (R)     X X
- Re-referral to CAMHS (R)     X X
- Admissions to hospital relating to mental health (R)     X X
- All-cause mortality (CTRU to collect via MRIS flagging)      X
- Serious adverse event reporting and hospital attendance (R and HSCIC) Ongoing collection
Questionnaires (completed at researcher visit unless otherwise stated)  
- Family Questionnaire (P self-report, CTRU postal admin at 3 and 6 months) X X X   
- System for Observing Family Therapy Alliances - SOFTA (completed by the family therapist and participants at Family Therapy session 3)   X    
- Suicide Attempt Self-Injury Interview - SASII (Interview with YP) X    X X
- Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (YP self-report) X    X X
- Hopelessness Scale for Children (YP self-report) X    X X
- McMaster Family Assessment Device – FAD (YP and P self-report) X    X X
- General Health Questionnaire 12 – GHQ (P self-report) X    X X
- Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire - SDQ (YP and P self-report) X    X X
- Children’s Depression Rating Scale – CDRS (Interview with YP) X    X X
- Paediatric Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction – PQ-LES (YP self-report) X    X X
- Inventory of Callous Unemotional Traits - ICU (YP self-report) X     
- EQ-5D (YP self-report, CTRU postal admin at 6 months) X   X X X
- Health Utilities Index 3 – HUI3 (P self-report, CTRU postal admin at 6 months) X   X X X
- Health Economics questionnaire (YP and P self-report, CTRU postal admin at 3 and 6 months) X X X X X
  1. aYP, young person; P, parent/care-giver; R, researcher; HSCIC, NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre