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Table 3 Content of counseling messages

From: Feasibility and effectiveness of the baby friendly community initiative in rural Kenya: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

• Maternal nutrition:
  Food portions during pregnancy and lactation
  Appropriate foods (nutritious, affordable, and locally available) during pregnancy and lactation
  Frequency of feeding during pregnancy and lactation
• Breastfeeding:
  Breast positioning and attachment
  Immediate initiation of breastfeeding after birth
  Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months
  Frequency and duration of breastfeeding
  Expressing breast milk, storage and cup feeding
  Dealing with breast conditions
  Breastfeeding for HIV-positive women
• Complementary feeding:
  Timely initiation of complementary foods
  Appropriate complementary foods (nutritious, affordable, and locally available)
  Feeding frequency and quantity
  Appropriate feeding practices including hygiene and responsive feeding behaviors
  Safe preparation and storage of foods