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Table 3 Study timeline

From: Podoconiosis treatment in northern Ethiopia (GoLBet): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Before enrolment Enrolment Baseline Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3 Visit 4 close-out
Timepoint   -t 1 0 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
Screening X       
GIS mapping X       
Potential willingness to participate X       
Inclusion and exclusion criteria X X      
Consent   X      
Randomisation    X     
Socio-demographic    X     X
Economic   X X   X   X
ADLA (recall)   X X     
ADLA diary     X X X X
SAEs    X X X X X
WHO-DAS II    X   X   X
Stigma scale    X   X   X
Clinical stage    X X X X X
Mossy lesions    X   X   X
Foot and leg Circumference    X   X   X
Interdigital lesions    X   X   X
Foot care and hygiene intervention (immediate treatment group)*    
  1. *Monthly intervention meetings