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Table 1 Process chart of home-based tele-supervising rehabilitation for brain infarction patients (HTRBIP) trial

From: Home-based tele-supervising rehabilitation for brain infarction patients (HTRBIP): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Time 1a: enrollment Time 2b: baseline assessment Time 3: intervention Time 4c: at the end of intervention Time 5d: 90- day follow-up
Informed consent obtained     
Epidemic data collection     
Medical history collection     
Physical examination     
Recruitment criteria assessment     
Randomized allocation     
Physiological data collection Body temperature    
Respiratory rate    
Pulse rate    
Blood pressure    
Surface electrocardiogram    
Peripheral blood oxygen saturation    
Primary outcome measurement (Barthel index)   
Secondary outcome measurement NIHSS score   
mRS score   
3-oz water swallow test   
Adverse events record  
  1. aTime 1: 2 to 7 days before intervention initiation.bTime 2: 0 to 2 days before intervention initiation.cTime 4: 90 days after intervention initiation.dTime 5: 180 days after intervention initiation.
  2. Abbreviations: mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; sEMG, surface electromyography.