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Table 1 Visit schedule

From: The efficacy of indwelling pleural catheter placement versus placement plus talc sclerosant in patients with malignant pleural effusions managed exclusively as outpatients (IPC-PLUS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Event Pre-screening Consent/baseline IPC insertion Pre-randomisation Randomisation Follow-ups (days post-randomisation) On-going
14 28 42a 56a 70
Provide patient information sheet X           
Sign consent   X          
Thoracic ultrasound   X    X X X X X X  
Chest X-ray    X   X X X X X X  
Standard blood tests   X          
Trial blood samples (Southmead and Oxford only)   X          
Trial pleural fluid samples (Southmead and Oxford only)    X   X X X X X X  
Manometry    X         
Instillation of talc/placebo      X       
Community IPC drainages     Xb        X
Drainage booklet    X         X
Daily VAS scores     X X       X
Collection of VAS booklet      X X X X X X  
EQ-5D questionnaire   X    X X X X X X  
QLQ-C30 questionnaire   X    X X X X X X  
Patient diary     X        X
  1. IPC = Indwelling pleural catheter.
  2. VAS = Visual analogue scale.
  3. EQ-5D = EuroQuol 5D.
  4. QLQ-C30 = Quality of Life Questionnaire C30.
  5. aVisits at days 42 and 56 may be done over the telephone and therefore the patient would not have a chest X-ray or thoracic ultrasound.
  6. bMinimum of three drainages in the community between IPC insertion and randomisation.