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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Protocol of a randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of physician education and activation versus two rehabilitation programs for the treatment of Whiplash-associated Disorders: The University Health Network Whiplash Intervention Trial

Inclusion criteria
Diagnosed with Grade I or Grade II WAD
Report an average neck pain since the accident of at least 3 on a 0–10 "Numerical Rating Scale" (NRS)
Able to give written informed consent and complete interviews in English (translators will be available to assist the participant if she/he experiences difficulty understanding specific items on the questionnaire)
Make an insurance claim for physical injury and enroll in trial within 21 days of the traffic collision
Exclusion criteria
Fracture/dislocation of the spine or any major bone
Head trauma associated with loss of consciousness
Past whiplash or work-related neck injury within the year prior to their current injury
Active systemic diseases (cancer, inflammatory arthritis, disorders of central nervous system)
Previous neck surgery
Received treatment from a physiotherapist or chiropractor for neck pain in the three months preceding the motor vehicle collision
Individuals who do not reside or work in the Greater Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Cambridge or Kitchener areas