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Table 1 Study visit schedule

From: Protocol of an expertise based randomized trial comparing surgical Venae Sectio versus radiological Puncture of Vena Subclavia for insertion of Totally Implantable Access Port in oncological patients

  Day of screening Day of operation Visit 1 (day 90 post OP) by phone
Past medical history* X   
Informed consent X   
Personal data** X   
Examination of primary endpoints:    
• Success of randomized implantation technique   X  
Examination of secondary endpoints:    
• Peri- and postoperative complications   X X
• Times of port implantation procedure   X  
• Dose of radiation   X  
Savety criteria AE, SAE (2.6)   X X
  1. * study-relevant past medical history, past surgical history
  2. ** height (cm), weight (kg), gender, smoking customs, Karnowsky-Index, medication of immunsuppresion, antibiotics, chemotherapy