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Table 1 Figures in Reports of Clinical Trials in Five Medical Journals during November 2006 to January 2007.

From: Figures in clinical trial reports: current practice & scope for improvement

Journal No. of articles (total 77)
Annals of Internal Medicine 7
British Medical Journal 16
Journal of American Medical Association 14
Lancet 12
New England Journal of Medicine 28
No. of Figures in each article  
None 1
One 23
Two 22
Three 19
Four 11
Seven 1
Types of Figure in each article*  
Flow Diagram 66
Kaplan Meier plot 32
Forest plot 21
Repeated measures 20
Bar chart 7
Individual patient data 3
Box plot 2
Cumulative distribution 1
  1. *Some articles had one type of Figure several times. In this Table each type of Figure is only counted once per article.