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Table 5 Most commonly reported strategies to improve recruitment (N = 122)

From: What influences recruitment to randomised controlled trials? A review of trials funded by two UK funding agencies

STRATEGY No. trials
Newsletters/mail shots/flyers (to clinical staff and/or patients) 26
Regular visits/phone calls to wards/sites/practices 15
Posters/information leaflets in clinics/wards/notes 13
Inclusion criteria changed/protocol amended 12
Presentations to appropriate groups eg at consultant meetings/community based physiotherapists etc 10
Resource manual for site staff/trained staff in disease area/procedures being investigated/role play exercises/study day/workshops for recruiters 10
Advertisement/articles in newspapers/journals; radio interviews 8
Presentations at national/international meetings 6
Employed extra staff 6
Investigators'/recruiting staff meetings 5
Training/information videos 4
Incentives for recruiters eg prize draw, chocolates etc 4
Trial material revised/simplified/customised for specific sites 4
Visits to centres by PIs/senior members of study group 3
Repeated contact by phone/letter to individuals/sites 3
Increased/changed time points when information provided to potential participants 3
Supportive statements from opinion leaders 3
  1. Note Only those reported by 3 or more trials are listed