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Table 3 Overview of the visits and measurements

From: Double blind randomized placebo-controlled trial on the effects of testosterone supplementation in elderly men with moderate to low testosterone levels: design and baseline characteristics [ISRCTN23688581]

Assessment Information visit and inclusion criteria Screening and randomization visit Phone call 6 weeks Visit 13 weeks Final visit 26 weeks
  V1 V2   V3 V4
Check in & exclusion criteria X X    
Informed consent X     
Medical history (/update) X X X X X
Physical examination   X    X
Vital signs   X   X X
Anthropometry   X    X
Blood sample X    X X
Glucose X     X
DNA blood sample X     
Testosterone X     X
PSA X    X X
Liver functions X    X X
Renal functions X    X X
Hematology X    X X
Spare blood X    X X
Rectal Ultrasound   X    X
Rectal Toucher   X   X X
DEXA full body   X    X
DEXA bone mineral density   X    X
Ultrasound abdominal fat mass   X    X
Pulse wave velocity (PWV)   X    X
Functional mobility   X    X
Cognition tests   X    X
Quality of Life (QoL)   X    X
ADAM/AMS questionnaire X     X
Sexual functioning questionnaire   X    X
IPSS questionnaire   X X X X
Randomization   X