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Table 1 The NICE recommendations for the treatment of overweight and obesity

From: Evaluation of a tailored intervention to improve management of overweight and obesity in primary care: study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial

1 Determining degree of overweight and overweight • Use clinical judgement to decide when to measure weight and height
• Use body mass index to classify the degree of overweight or obesity
• Use waist circumference in people with a body mass index less than 35 kg/m2 to assess health risks
• To tell the patient their classification, and how this affects their risk of long-term health problems
2 Assessment of lifestyle and willingness to change • Presenting symptoms and underlying causes of overweight or obesity
• Risk factors and comorbidities
• Eating behaviour, diet and physical activity
• Willingness and motivation to change
3 Management of overweight and obesity • Increased physical activity
• Improved eating behaviour
• Healthy eating
• If appropriate, drug treatment
4 Referral • For assessment of the underlying cause of overweight or obesity
• If conventional treatment has failed
• If specialist interventions may be needed