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Table 4 Summary of changes in community engagement by site and over time

From: Complex realities: community engagement for a paediatric randomized controlled malaria vaccine trial in Kilifi, Kenya

Study site Site A Site B Site C
Prior exposure to KEMRI Less Less More
Perceived ease on recruitment/amount of CE activities Harder/more CE Easier/moderate CE Easier/less CE
CE and consent process changes (across sites) • Provider of initial trial information: more by CHWs but less detailed
• Provider of detailed study information: more by experienced facilitators and clinicians
• Disclosure setting of initial trial information: more in community than in homes
• Consent setting: more in facilities than in homes
• Time consent is sought: closer to time of recruitment; less time for intra and inter family consultation and discussion
  • Administration of consent: less access in advance to consent forms with ‘scary wording’
  1. CE, community engagement; CHW, community health worker.