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Table 3 Summary of community engagement activities 1

From: Complex realities: community engagement for a paediatric randomized controlled malaria vaccine trial in Kilifi, Kenya

Period Activity Who involved
Month 1 Consultation and sensitisation of Kilifi District stakeholders 1. MoH structure: District Medical Officer of Health and District Health Management Team at Kilifi District Hospital. All health facility in-charges working in Kilifi District
2. Provincial administration structures: District Commissioner, Senior District Officer, all chiefs working in Kilifi District
Months 2 to 6 Community entry and sensitisation of stakeholders in sites A, B and C respectively 1. MoH Structure: Dispensary health committees, dispensary staff (facility in-charges, nurses, public health officers, community health extension workers), and community health workers (CHWs)
2. Local administration: District officers, local (assistant) chiefs and village elders
3. Others: primary school head teachers, religious leaders, a local District Stakeholders Forum
Months 8 to 13 Identification and recruitment of 5 to 17 month-old children (n = 600) CHWs and fieldworkers
Months 15 to 27 Identification and recruitment of 6 to 12 week-old children (n = 304) CHWs and fieldworkers
From month 8 to date Follow-up of research participants Fieldworkers
Continuous feedback to and from community Fieldworkers and other key gatekeepers
  Feedback of results Involves all of the above, for example, preliminary study results disseminated
  1. 1Source: Angwenyi V, Kamuya D, Mwachiro D, Marsh V, Njuguna P, Molyneux S: Working with community health workers as ‘volunteers’ in a vaccine trial: practical and ethical experiences and implications. Dev World Bioeth 2013, 13:38 47.