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Table 1 Study schedule for data collection

From: Improved self-management skills in Chinese diabetes patients through a comprehensive health literacy strategy: study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial

  Baseline visit 3 month visit 6 month visit 12 month visit 24 month visit
Characteristics X     
Health literacy/numeracy X     
HbA1c tests X X X X X
Lipid tests X    X X
Systolic and diastolic blood pressure X X X X X
Self-management behaviors X   X X X
Self-efficacy X   X X X
Healthcare Providers      
Characteristics X     
Satisfaction with visits X   X X X
Use of intervention (Toolkit) or control (Chinese Guideline for Diabetes Care and Education) materials* X X X X X
Certification of training X X X X X
  1. *Intervention providers will document after each visit what components of the Diabetes Education Toolkit they used. Control providers will document what Chinese Guideline for Diabetes Care and Education materials they used.