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Table 1 Data collection: except for the baseline data, outcomes are assessed throughout the 6-month period

From: Effectiveness of app-based relaxation for patients with chronic low back pain (Relaxback) and chronic neck pain (Relaxneck): study protocol for two randomized pragmatic trials

  Baseline Dailyd Weeklyd After third monthd After sixth monthd
Socio-demographics (age, migration background, education) x     
Pain intensity (NRS)   x    
Mean pain intensity in the last 7 days (NRS) x   x   
Mean perceived ‘LBP-/NP-related’ stress intensity in the last 7 days (NRS) x   x   
Pain acceptance x    x x
Sick leave days x    x x
Intake of medication against LBP/NP x   x   
Suspected adverse reactiona     x x
Serious adverse events     x x
Application of other therapies x    x x
Expectation x     
Adherencea   xb xc   
Self-perceived improvement     xa xa
  1. aOnly in the intervention group.
  2. bAssessed by tracking.
  3. cAssessed by the diary (for relaxation without audio use).
  4. dProvided by the app.
  5. Abbreviations: LBP, low back pain; NP, neck pain; NRS, numeric rating scale.