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Table 3 (Serious) adverse events collected at 6-month intervals after randomisation, including serious adverse events, diagnoses and symptoms of low iron

From: The INTERVAL trial to determine whether intervals between blood donations can be safely and acceptably decreased to optimise blood supply: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Type of adverse event Description
Data collected at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months
Serious adverse events, diagnosed/
treated at hospital or by a doctor
Heart problems including heart attack, stroke, mini-stroke, angina, heart failure
Transport accidents (when in charge of a vehicle)
New illness
Diagnoses of low iron Diagnosis of low haemoglobin by NHSBT
Diagnosis of anaemia by general practitioner (GP) or hospital
Prescription of iron supplements
Symptoms Tiredness
Feeling faint
Fit or seizure
Chest pain
Restless legs [22]
Additional data collected at 24 months
Symptoms Severity of breathlessness [23]
Severity of palpitations (that is, resulted in ECG?)
Severity of chest pain (that is, resulted in ECG?)
Sleep disturbances
Reduced ability to concentrate
Restlessness/inability to relax