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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria in the RCT of APM versus placebo surgery of degenerative meniscus tears

From: The challenge of recruiting patients into a placebo-controlled surgical trial

Inclusion criteria
1. Knee pain > 2 months without significant trauma
2. MRI confirmed medial meniscus lesion
3. Age 35-55
4. Eligible for outpatient surgery
Exclusion criteria
1. Need for acute surgery, i.e. locking knees, high energy trauma
2. Symptoms from other musculoskeletal disorder overriding symptoms of the knee
3. Grade 3 or 4 knee OA on the Kellgren-
4. Lawrence classification
5. Knee surgery within the last 2 years
6. BMI > 35
7. Ischemic heart disease
8. Diabetic late complications
9. Thrombophilia
10. Pregnancy
11. Unable to speak Danish
12 Drug or alcohol abuse
  1. APM, arthroscopic partial meniscectomy; BMI, Body Mass Index; OA, osteoarthritis; RCT, randomized controlled trial.