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Table 1 Assessment schedule

From: Evaluation of the Housing First program in patients with severe mental disorders in France: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Screening Evaluation
   Baseline 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
Eligibility criteria x      
Informed consent x      
Health care use    x X x x
MCSI   x x x x x
CGI   x x x x x
MINI   x x x x x
MARS   x x x x x
SF-36   x x x x x
S-QoL 18   x x x x x
EuroQoL 5D   x x x x x
RAS   x x x x x
MCAS x x x x x x
Ad hoc questionnaires   x x x x x
Cost analysis    x x x x
  1. CGI, clinical global impression; Health care use, number of admissions to hospital, total days in hospital and number of emergency department visits; MARS, medication adherence rating scale (MARS); MCAS, Multnomah community integration scale MINI, mini international neuropsychiatric interview, sections K and L; MCSI, modified Colorado symptom index; RAS, recovery assessment scale; SF-36, medical outcomes study 36-item short form health survey; S-QoL 18, schizophrenia quality of life questionnaire.