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Table 1 Details and timing of data collection

From: First steps: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of the Group Family Nurse Partnership (gFNP) program compared to routine care in improving outcomes for high-risk mothers and their children and preventing abuse

Measure Baseline, gestation 10 to 14 weeks Infant 2 months, home visit Infant 6 months, telephone interview Infant 12 months, home visit
Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2) X    X
CARE index     X
Demographics X X (update) X (update) X (update)
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) X X X X
Infant feeding X (plans) X X  
Infant immunizations   X   X
Maternal drug use X X (update)   X (update)
Maternal quality of life (EQ-5D 5L) X X X X
Maternal smoking and alcohol use X X (update)   X (update)
Parenting stress index short form (PSI)   X   X
Perceived parenting competence (PSOC)   X   X
Relationship violence X    X
Social networks (MOS) X    X
Service use   X X X